Flirtations Ensue

“Oh, hello,” she says sweetly, looking at my 8-foot-tall muscled frame avidly. “Can I help you?”
“Er…ah…that is,” I stammer, put off by her extraordinary beauty. She has honey-colored hair that falls down in voluminous waves and warm blue eyes, and the prettiest rosy lips you ever saw.
She looks at me expectantly.
“Ahem…I believe I’m looking for your mother,” I finish lamely.
“Oh,” she simpers, clearly put out. “Are you…involved with her at all?” she asks timidly, blushing profusely.
“Oh, no, no, no, not at all,” I quickly reassure her.
She sighs, seeming relieved. “Well, that’s good, because she’s on really good terms with Zeus at the moment…Hera’s going to be so put out, really, when she finds out.”
I laugh nervously and she smiles again.
“Oh, I’ll get Mama, it’ll be just a second,” she promises me. She gives me one last smile (did she wink? I couldn’t tell) and disappears into a shady grove.
“Mama? It’s me, Persephone. Mama!” she calls faintly through the trees.

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