Looking Back

It’s been a three hours and sixteen minutes since Adrien’s phone call. People are driving me crazy today, it’s unreal. I can’t bear it any longer. Tonight, its just me, walking the sidewalks, searching for something that I won’t be able to hang onto.

Pathetic as it is, dreary as it always can be, being alone has a way of keeping me together in an unstable sort of way.

Raoul had given Victorine a ride home in the backseat of a cab, and never returned. They left me on the street corner as they laughed and Raoul put his hand up Victorine’s provocative legs. I looked after them for sometime, the image of their unexpected closeness, looking back at me as they drew farther away burned deep inside of me.

Antonie,” he had said, “I’m unsure of you in that way now. To me, you are just a foolish girl. Allez a la maison

And he got into that cab with Victorine, the office temp.

I’m still looking back, my sunglasses hide my dissapoint ment.

Someone is tapping my shoulder.

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