Oh, Dear...

I try to ask the dead for advice as well, but they’re not very cooperative. Perhaps that’s because I surveyed in Taurus…not the brightest idea, probably, but most everyone in the Elysian Fields is drunk.
Finally, I decide on my own advice: I shall have to go see Persephone again. I really do hate the sun (and I rather like being pale-I think I’m striking pale), but I need to stop letting murderers in the Elysian Fields somehow.
I first find Hermes in Olympus. He’s with a smiling Hera-either she doesn’t know about Demeter or she’s seeking revenge through Hermes. Persephone, he says, is planting wheat in the mortal world.
I see her working hard in a field near Athens. How is she so beautiful even when she’s sweating, I wonder?
But when I look at her closer, I see it’s not all sweat. She has been crying-I can tell, her eyes all red (and far too many people cry at judgment, which I find rather pointless and stupid; it’s not going to change the judgment).
Oh, dear. I really have no idea what to say to this.

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