In-Character Survey: Jack from "The Basement" (and its unsuccessful sequels)

Do you do laundry regularly?
The machine broke when a beam fell on it

Your favorite piece of furniture?
I miss my bed

Night owl/morning person?
morning, the bombings seem to lighten up

Are there dishes in the sink?
They’re all cracked anyway

Color of your bedroom walls:
navy blue

One wish you’d like to come true?
The events of the past three days never happened

Favorite tv show?

Favorite movie?
star wars

How many places have you lived?
my house, an army shelter, a parking garage, a random basement

What did you do last night?
guarded Dakota

Favorite subject in school?

One word that describes you?

The best thing?
at the moment? peace

The last person you spoke to?

Parents married?
Mom died few years back, Dad killed, but yes

Dakota, little sister; Wes, big bro

Are you a social person?
Not really

What did you have for breakfast?

Do you hate someone?
the enemy

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