Midnight Masquerade

The colors swirled and danced around her in brilliant shades of fuschia, tangerine, and cerulean; a seemingly endless parade of tulle and chiffon that pushed and pulled like the tide as their smartly dressed partners twirled them in time with the music. On each of their faces sat a jewel-encrusted mask, light sparkling brilliantly off thousands of tiny facets.

Her own mask sat firmly in place, the visage of a bird hiding her true features. It was a strange feeling, to be free of the role granted her by society and class restrictions.

The night was soon coming to a close, couples breaking off to retire to more quiet corners. She however was alone.

Always alone, even now.

She picked up the edge of her crimson dress, and began to twirl in time with the music. A hand caught her about her waist, and she looked up to see a masked man grin down at her as he easily led her into the dance. She followed, looking up at him as he bent down to whisper in her ear, “Know that I love you.â€?

Then he was gone.

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