Human Bone Marrow, Do Not X-Ray

The case was clearly marked. It looked heavy but the chap pulling it down the street didn’t seem overly stressed. It had sturdy little luggage wheelies that kept his effort to a minimum. It was a bright, shiny, aluminum case and it looked quite new.

I wondered where he was going with it. He most likely came from the Caltrain station, as he was heading north with the recently expunged throng of morning commuters. It struck me as odd that he would be riding the train. Most professionals traveling with medically relevant human body parts travel by helicopter or ambulance, not public transportation.

Not only was his choice of transportation unusual, his clothes didn’t indicate some sort of medical profession. He appeared to be dressed as a well to do salesman, wearing a decent suit and a long thin black overcoat. Even the overcoat was out of place. Most of the other San Francisco bound commuters surrounding him had either a more shabby or trendy appearance. An overcoat was just odd, vampiric even.

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