Hollow Eyes

Am I dead? Grasshopper’s thoughts seemed to rebound inside his head. Even thinking caused pain. Slowly, he tested one leg. It burned, but it worked. He tried moving an arm. Pain shot up through his nerves to his brain, a lightning shock bursting in his head. It was broken.

Hazily, he glanced around. He was in a narrow corridor, only about five feet wide. Filthy electric bulbs dimly lit the hall, following eachother in uniform distances until they slowly vanished from sight. A slow drip came from above.

Grasshopper looked around. No trapdoors. How had they gotten him down here, then? It must’ve been either left or right. Suddenly, he noticed something. No, it couldn’t have been…but he had the distinct feeling he was being watched.

Grasshopper looked behind him and found a huge pair of hollow eyes staring right back at him.

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