I’ll just spend my day sitting around because bad timing and an empty house have thrown off every plan I tried to make. I could’ve seen your smile a million times by now and instead I’m on a couch full of nightmares. Broken dreams for pillows. Emptiness as a blanket.
I lay here cold and alone. Because nothing seems to go right until I’m with you. Twenty ideas full of logic and well thought out can be brought down by simple words. Until I’m with you, every dream remains in my mind and freedom bears a chain.
But once I’m actually there. Once my eyes are lost in yours and once our hands finally meet, everythings perfect. Perfect can’t even fulfill the feeling.
This wholeness and warmth that comes from your gaze and stays no matter what else comes our way. With you, I know that somehow, despite everything thats trying to bring me down, I will find a way to get through.
And in the end, you’ll be right there beside me. And it will be more than perfect.

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