Today was visitation day. I had news to tell her that would make her day.
Being locked up it doesn’t take much.
She was excited, she had news for me too.
She had made a trip to the law library. Picked up the paperwork to get the marriage annulled and mailed it.
Yes, thank God.

The day before I had decided to play Nancy Drew.
I found no records of a marriage, either way it’s taken care of.

I decide to go to bad guy’s place of employment,only to find he wasn’t empolyed there ,imagine that, what a shock.
They weren’t happy about what I told them he had said.
I told him I had proof in a letter he had sent my daughter.
So I gave him a copy of the letter.
Then I found out later that day, the man is a private investigator too.
No wonder he told me he would take care of him.

Not a good ideal to tell people you work for someone when you don’t.
Especially if that someone has a licence to carry a gun.

So many lies and not enough space to write them
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