The light swept by my face, then a second of darkness followed by another light.

I must remain calm. I must remain calm. I repeated over and over, as the elevator went up.

I didn’t want to be here, it was a trap. There was no way they knew who I was; I didn’t exist. Yet I knew this was a trap.

I wanted to be down, back on the planet where I could hide. Where I could run into a zone controlled by a different company. Instead I was traveling at impossible speeds up to the Delta station. The station owned and run by the company I had infiltrated.

I must remain calm. I looked at the control panel, two minutes remain until arrival. Two minutes to prepare.

Two minutes passed and there was a ding. The doors slid open and a yellow light flooded into the elevator. I was pressed up next to the wall; they couldn’t see me next.

“He’s inside, kill em. Replace the body with a double.” a voice from outside.

“Affirmative Sir.” a different voice.

Well, that settles it; most defiantly a trap.

I dashed out the doors

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