The Citadel is Full

“You’re damn right you can help me!” said Rius, jabbing a stubby forefinger at the bellhop’s lapel. “I’ve driven almost 2000 miles to get here, and it’s winter! In Vegas!”
“Please sir, calm yourself,” soothed the bellhop. “We do seem to be experiencing a bit of inclement weather, but, I assure you that your stay at The Citadel, Las Vegas’ newest and most luxurious casino, will be most enjoyable.”
“Well,” said Rius, grinning “I came to The Citadel for the penny slots. Me and my wife are staying over on Fremont Street at The Village. I don’t have reservations here, but maybe I can…”
“The Village?” spluttered the bellhop contemptuously, “You’re staying at The Village?”
“Well, yes, I…”
“I’m sorry, sir, but The Citadel is full.”
Rius looked across at the cavernous and noticeably empty lobby. “F-Full?”
“Yes, sir. I’m afraid you’ll have to leave at once.”
“But, the penny slots…”
“The penny slots are all out of service, sir. You must return to The Village.”
And the bellhop ushered him back out to the cold.

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