Somehow even the worst day can be made better with cookies.

Not just any cookies, though. A plain Oreo won’t cure heartache. No, it’s too hard.

It needs to be fresh from the oven, letting the heavently scent linger over the room.

It needs to be warm to warm the cold sadness that you feel.

It needs to gooey, showing that everything needs a little give.

And somehow it just makes you feel better, no matter what’s really wrong.

No, no, I’m not going to stand up here and say that cookies will bring world peace, cookies cure depression, cookies make it all better.

No, a cookie is more like your mother kissing your scrape, more like a simple ‘I love you.’

A cookie is a brief pause in life, a brief ray of sunshine to just make it all better. Not forever, just for a tiny moment.

Just while you chew and swallow.

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