Experience - part one

Face me…
as you seat yourself, on top of me.
Look deeper into my soul.
You decide to take the lead.
Your eyes were ment to control.

Control me…
like you would have in your fantasys.

Remeber which one had you needing a gasp of air…
The one that turned you on so quick,
The one that wouldn’t resist to a hault,
But kept leaving you with ecstasy,
While it left your hand in a bend,
This is the feeling I know you once had.
Share it with me.
You will be surprised how much I will obey.

You told me one of your fantasys.
Telling me how I’d make your vision even more.

”...The cycle was repeating,
just the details were far from an end.
Wishing for this in my near vision.
You would know how to take it slow.
You would let it all end with every detail.
that I hoped to invision,
to finally get to.”

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