Experience - part two

But your blood cant wait and needs to flow.
Down to an erection.
For I to hold.
Fantasys are great to be told.
I get satisfaction with your bulge.

Even more satisfaction when I can,
erase the fantasys you had.
With a better one…
I once let you enjoy.

Im open to your possiblilities.
Just promise to;
Clench my wrists.
Tight by my side.
Whisper in my ear.
Bite my neck.
Pull my hair.

I’d melt under you.
After you finished your promise.
My levels of estrogen would rise.
Making every touch I present on you,
seem everlasting.

Under your skin theres points to be touched.
I touch them perfectly.
You build up to a climax.
Trying to ease down with a sigh.
Collecting the thoughts you had before this experience.
In reality this was just passion.

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