Come What May, Pt. 7

Oliver puts on the leather jacket, and we both exit the dressing room to look in the full length mirror right outside. “We look great, don’t we?â€? I say, running my hands down my sides in the leather dress. “Yeah, we doâ€?, Oliver agrees. He looks right into my eyes. I gaze back at him. “Oh my god, you two look awesome!!â€? the store attendant says in a loud, excited tone, breaking us out of our trance. “Are you two a couple?â€?

“No, she’s my band mate’s girlâ€?, Oliver answers in a dark tone. “Um, let’s change back into our gear now, ok?â€? As we are changing our outfits, Oliver laughs. “If you haven’t noticed, I liked dressing you. You’re like some gorgeous life sized doll. Is that weird?â€?

“Yeah, it’s weird. But not in a bad way.â€? I reach out touch his blond curls. “You’re fun, you know that?â€? I say, smiling up at him, and he grins. “Thanks.â€? Then we realize that we’re still standing there, in really close proximity to one another, both barely dressed. â€?We really should finish dressing,â€? he says in a low tone.

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