The Memorable Affair

There was a loud thump and Fantine’s desk shook. A man’s vibrant cursing was heard underneath. Fantine let out an annoyed growl and rolled her eyes.

“Audric!” She yelled to the floor beside her. Fantine’s assistant, Audric crawled out from under the desk, immediately meeting my gaze that sparkled with hidden laughter. I had to cover my mouth to the point of suffocation so that I wouldn’t utter a single laugh.

It’s not everyday you see your boss having an affair.

“Oh look, Fantine, the cleaners did do a marvelous job on these carpets, no?” Audric said, pretending to inspect the floor as he got up. He straightened his rumpled shirt sleeve and quickly left Fantine’s office.

“Now, Antonie,” Fantine said, shifting her eyes back to me. I burned under the intensity. She shifted through piles of papers on her desk that had obviously been under seige ten minutes previously by the way they were wrinkled.

“Here is the address,” she said extending a paper to me. I read it slowly.

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