He looked down at her beautiful face. The tears had been flowing for a while, like they always did. Her tear filled eyes looked up at him, her vulnerability and desire plain to see, and she screamed, screamed for more.

“More? What more do you want?”

She wanted him never to stop, never to release her, never to let her go, never to take his love away. She wanted never to be alone, never to be lonely, never to be unloved, never to be unbound, never. Her heart was racing and her mind was flooded with these thoughts. She could not form any words to answer him and the only sound that escaped her lips was a moan.

He smiled at that. He loved to hear her moan with pleasure, loved to hear her sigh contentedly and loved to hear her scream. Oh, how he loved to hear her scream.

“I’ll do with you as I please. You should know better than to ask for anything. I think I’ll make you scream some more now.”

Her reply was yet another moan. Please, she thought, please don’t stop, do whatever you want with me, just don’t stop.

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