stuck at the airport

The walls shimmered in and out of reality as I moved along the walkway. People blinked in and out of existence around me. I could have sworn that I saw some reptilian humanoids in the adjacent walkway.

I hate this job.

When I signed up for this assignment, it was under the condition that any travel that I had to undertake would be minimal. Finally, I would have a job that didn’t require me to hop fifteen time zones in two days. I was sanguine.

Then I found out that the travel involved would not be the usual sort in and out of airports or road trips. I would be dropping in and out of adjacent realities.

I couldn’t fathom most of the time why these people had to die. They certainly couldn’t affect anything in our dimension, at least as far as I could see.

The shimmering effect faded and my target popped into view less than five feet away from me. I sigh tiredly to myself; I’m getting old.

I pull out my gun and take aim. My other hand is on the control stud to take me home.

I pull the trigger.

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