Lone Writer, you've been busted.

Lone Writer glances blankly at his other Ficlet window, blinking a yellow light, knowing what he’s about to see. He slowly nudges the mouse to the bottom toolbar and doesn’t even remember clicking or actually reading…he just knew it was there, suddenly, on his screen.

A ficlet was present, with his comment of…

A new comment had just been posted, publicly humiliating his ficlet persona.

‘The AAAICOF has just indicted you with 10 hours of ficlet community service, replacing all your previous comments with a detailed analysis of the ficlet, including in-depth relations between social and economic presures and their influence on each ficlet, as well as the rhetoric and metaphorical balance of each character in their own struggles, noting, of course, the effectiveness of each literary technique used by the author in those respects.’

Use Lone Writer sighed. He shoulda known this was coming.

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