Their Park

By Monday everything was back to normal. Well, normal before she had gotten new neighbors. Dani and her two best friends were back to being as tight as ever. But Dani and Logan, well, there was no Dani and Logan. Dani found that it was a lot easier to get through the pain of Logan by having both of her friends by her side. But even with their support, her heart still ached.

After school Dani decided to go on a bike ride to try and clear her head. As she rode past the park she saw Logan with a girl, in their park!!! How could he have already replaced her?!!?? And taken this girl, probably some tramp, to their park?? Their park??!!?? How sleazy was he?? Dani was furious as she sped up on her bike before Logan could see her. She stopped a couple of blocks later. She caught her breath and stood there. Then she took Logan’s ring out of her pocket, she had saved it foolishly hoping they would get back together. She chucked it down the sewer in the street. Happily she rode home.

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