Found Out

The day after I saw Brixley with both Ty and Teddy I walked over to ‘the yard’. Everyone was there except Ted and Ty. “Guys, where are Teddy and Ty?”I asked.
“I don’t know”Mitch replied.
“Guys, when I’m not here do they act kinda weird?”I asked.
“Yeah”They all replied. This made me really wonder. I mean do they suspect Brixley or do they have know idea? I don’t know for sure that she’s cheating but, I’ve got a good idea.
“Yeah. Teddy acts weird all the time, always going about his ‘gf’, Brixley.” Ken said. Good thing Teddy has a lil brother or I would have had to ask Teddy himself.
“Wait, I was just talking to Ty on AIM a day ago and he said he was dating a girl named Brixley.”Mitch spoke, sure of himself, as always. The two boys started to fight about this until I spoke up.
“Hey y’all! She’s cheating on both of them!”I said loud enough that they could hear.
“Wow”Said Mitch.
“We have to tell them without telling them”I explained.
“What are we gonna do?”They asked.
“Got any ideas?”I asked hopefully.

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