She opened the door and ran down the hall to Jeff’s appartment.
Banging on his door Jeff,Jeff she yelled.
What’s the matter Gracie?
I think someone’s in my appartment.
He grabbed a bat, and headed down the hall.

You stay here he said.
No she grasped the back of his shirt, and squeezed in close behind him, I’m going.

Jeff creaped around the corner, checking every room,
then down the hall to the bedroom.
He opened the door slowly and stepped in,
ran the bat through her wardrobe hanging in her closet.

See nothing here.
She pointed at the bed.

Not now he said, I’m looking for burglar’s.
She hit him on his shoulder.
Under the bed, look please.
He bent over, nothing here either.

She couldn’t help but admire the view.

You want me to stay for awhile he said ?
Could you, I have a movie we can watch.
She ran to the kitchen reached for a carton of ice cream,
and two spoons.

Gracie’s eye’s fluttered opened, she noticed she wasn’t laying on her pillow.

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