Gracie looked up to see Jeff looking and smiling down at her.
Mornin Sunshine he said.

She raised up and ran her fingers through her hair, sorry, I must have fallen asleep.

Well, it wasn’t the most exciting movie I’ve ever seen he said.
I guess I owe you breakfast.
No, can’t stay I’ll be late for work he said.

On her way to work that morning, she noticed that the air smelled a little cleaner, people seemed a lot more friendly, and all she could think about was Jeff.

She even didn’t mind when the boss made them work through the last break.

At the end of the day she rushed home,picked up the mail and made her way up the steps to her door.

Taped to her door was a single rose and a note.
Will you go out with me ? Jeff call me.

She sniffed the rose and dropped it in a vase.

She walked down the hall to Jeff’s and knocked on the door.
He opened it, she said, yes.
Tomorrow nite, eight he said.
Yes, that would be fine .

They were finally going to go out, after nine months.
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