Teach me to Live [39]

The look on Maria’s face made it clear that in all the confusion she had forgotten the question as well and now her brain was working furiously to come up with a new one.
“Umm, well, it’s kind of irrelevant now, i guess…” she started, thinking that this would be a good enough excuse to come up with a new question. “So, is there anything you would like to discuss, anything that made you feel upset or something?” Ritchie relaxed into his chair and glanced around the room again. He took his time giving her an answer and it seemed almost like he never would. But finally his gaze settled on Maria.
“That guy’s shirt over there is wicked.” said Ritchie. He wasn’t lying, it was what he was thinking, but not exactly at the forefront of his mind. The guy’s shirt was pretty wicked though, now that he thought of it. It had the letters CSI in big yellow letters and then in smaller letters underneath it said, Cant Stand Idiots. Ritchie saluted the guy who looked extremely pleased to be noticed at all.

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