Teach me to Live [40]

Maria smiled and rolled her eyes and moved onto other subjects. Ritchie figured he wouldn’t be caught with his pants down twice in the same meeting so he let his mind wandewr, but he kept his eyes on Maria. She was definitely way too attractive to work in this place. Dangerously curvy with green eyes that really contrasted her tan skin. She seemed almost fake the way her long, straight black hair cascaded down her back and her smile glowed. Everything about her was entrancing and so off-limits. Still, Ritchie thought to himself, Rules are meant to be broken.
Group ended and everyone dispersed. Ritchie left the room in a good mood, kniowing that it would not be hard to pay attention in Group anymore if all he had to do for an hour was sit and stare at a sexy temptress. Oh yeah, I could get used to this.

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