Some More 'Er's and a Planned Abduction through a Crack

“Er…” I say again. “That might be a problem with your mother.”
“Oh, pooh, I don’t care,” she simpers, flouncing around me to my chariot.
“Er…Zeus might,” I reply, following her.
“Oh, don’t tell him then. Oooh! I have an idea! I’ll make a narcissus grow!”
I do not see how this will help anything, but I watch as she quickly plants a seed and uses her power.
“Now go below it,” she instructs. “With your chariots.”
I am too dumbstruck not to obey. I leap up in the cart and go below ground, under the narcissus’s shallow roots.
Her voice travels through a reed stuck in the ground. “Now come up—through the ground, mind you.”
I crash up, splitting a crack in the earth for miles. If Zeus misses that, he’s even more of an idiot than I thought , I think to myself.
“Now,” she says, looking at me expectantly with her arms wide. “Abduct me.”

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