First Kiss

Grace looked through everything in her closet.
Nothing, I have nothing to wear, plopping down on her bed.
Karen, I’ll call Karen.
Come on over I have the perfect out fit.
The perfect out fit, makeup, and hair.

Jeff knocked on the door, she opened it, he was perfect.
We can get a cab if you want, he said.
Were just going six blocks, less walk.

They walked to the little cafe talking and laughing the whole way.
They eat and started the walk back.
I’m not ready to go up, you want to sit in the garden he ask?

They sat on the bench looking at the stars sparkling like glitter in the night sky.
The moon was smiling down on just them.

Jeff looked at her, your beautiful you know.
She blushed, and dropped her head, then tilted it to look at his face.

His eye’s sparkled like the star’s in the sky.
He leaned in and pulled her face to his and kissed her.

A shiver ran through her entire body, fireworks were going off in her head.
She had never seen his romantic side, but she liked it.

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