My Girl

All I saw was her. She was beautiful. I couldn’t tear my ugly brown eyes away from her beautiful green ones. She is my girl and I don’t even know who she is.
“Marcus, hurry we have to pick up Jane.” My mother hurried around the train station looking for her best friends daughter. My mother promised her best friend Junie, we would take care of her daughter. Apparently she’s only a year older than me but, ‘very mature’.
“Sure mom.” What does she look like?” I asked my mother.
“Well I don’t know.. The last time she came over you guys were four and that was ten years ago.” I remember that time. She tryed to dye my hair black with marker even though it was platinum blonde then.
“Wait there she is! Jane! JANE !” My mother called.
“Whick one is she?”
“She’s the one in the white shirt. There sitting on the bench.”

Then my mother pointed my beautiful greened eyed girl.

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