Go Away

I sat unmoving on the big sofa in the lobby of the church, clutching one of the decorative pillows to my chest, my eyes slowly closing against against my will out of pure exhaustion.

My not-quite-boyfriend, Spencer, saw this as an opportunity to sit next to me, poke me in the side to make me squeal, and immediately jump of of reach.

I squeaked, and he chuckled. This was his favorite game.

I muttered incomprehensibly under my breath for a few seconds, making noises equivalent to those of a cranky bear forced to interrupt her hibernation.

Spencer laughed again, and I chucked my pillow at his head.

It hit him right between the eyebrows, but he kept right on laughing.

“Humph.” I glared at him, not amused. “Go away,” I growled under my breath, trying to remind myself of the reasons why exactly I liked this guy so much.

He smiled, his laughter fading away (finally), and then slid down onto the couch next to me, slipping his arm around me and pushing my head onto his shoulder.

I remembered.

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