Lanceus, the Prophet of Kencii (Part five: Time)

“Did anyone come by while I was still sleeping?”

“Ah…No, sire, I don’t think so…Would you like me to contact a messenger as I leave?”

“Yes, please do that.” He sat in a silk-upholstered chair and sunk into the soft plush. Lanceus was starting to like this royal life…

The woman left quietly, and Lanceus realized he hadn’t even gotten her name. Though it would’ve been rude to have to ask in the morning… There was a knock on his door, “May I enter, your highness?” A male voice, but a very meek one.

“Yes, you may enter. What news have you for me?” asked Jakeus/Lanceus.

The messenger entered. “The colt you were seeking was born today, sire.”

“And what is the exact date?”

“The third hour, of the fifth star, of the eighth moon, in the tenth revolution of your rule.”

Three years from when he entered his trance…And already some great event would occur…

The messenger looked at him expectantly.

“Very good,” said Lanceus.

“Thank you, sire,” said the servant, smiling broadly.

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