Spiderman and Plane Crash

I had a dream where a fat guy dressed in a Spiderman costume swooped down to the town center on the Spidey web. Every day he’d carry a noose, hoping to strangle some innocent townsperson, and every day the townspeople thwarted the beer-bellied villain. The scene was not pretty; Spiderman would fly into the crowd and manage to get someone by the neck. The townspeople would then jump on the man, cut down the noose, and then viciously beat him. Every day he would somehow manage to escape, though badly beaten. This routine repeated itself until one day, after the townspeople commenced with their daily Spiderman beating, another, buffer Spiderman came flying down from the other direction. I looked up and saw that, above him, a huge Boeing 747 was spiraling down towards me. I only had about a 10 second head start on the plane before it crashed. However, instead of a being consumed in a fiery explosion, I was crushed by a huge water tank that burst and flooded my whole vision until I woke up with a start.

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