Camp, Jesus, and Fire Crotch

I had a dream where I was at a YMCA camp and I was in a cabin with a kid who thought he was Jesus. He would rub peoples’ sores or scratches and pronounce them “healed.â€? I thought the whole ordeal was bologna, and I was both flabbergasted and incensed that others were buying the Jesus routine. However, I was silenced when, on the last day, God Almighty came to pick him up. God looked like the Persian king from the movie 300, and He told everyone at camp that we had all sinned, and then He left with his boy Jesus. Bitter, I got on the bus headed home, when I noticed I had an extreme itch downstairs. I looked down and my pants were smoking. Startled, I looked around, and I saw that everyone’s pants were burning. Then a boy came running from the back, screaming “Fire Crotch!â€? The itching and burning got so intense that I ripped off my pants. To my horror, my entire lower half was on fire. Soon my entire body caught fire, and I let out a wild howl. Shortly after, I woke up, very sweaty and very itchy.

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