Your Eyes on Davey Crockett

I had a dream where your eyes were on Davey Crockett’s face. I wish I could say that I knew they were your eyes just by their beautiful sea-sky blue-green-gray explosion with the fiery sparkling twist, but Davey wore your same little half-smile half-smirk, like you want to scream life’s biggest secret in blissful ecstasy and savage rage. I wanted to call out to you/Davey Crocket, to tell you that you looked amusingly appealing as a rugged outdoorsman, but suddenly paint splotches blasted my vision like in the YouTube video I watched with that crazy speed painter, and before I knew it the scene had transitioned to the maze from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and I could see your eyes hiding in the dense hedges. Then, the whole dream disappeared as the phone rang and I instinctively reached over and grabbed it. “Hello,â€? I answered sleepily, and it was you.

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