A Classic Childhood Nightmare

This dream requires a little bit of background information. When I was about 5 years old, my uncle made me watch one of those Jason horror movies. Now, my room is situated so that I can see the door in the mirror if I lay on my right side. Up until I was an early teenager, I would have the following nightmare whenever I slept on my right side with the door closed.

I open my eyes and look at the mirror. Tons of miniscule people are doing the Egyptian Pharaoh dance around the boarder of the mirror. Then they start to sing, quite merrily, “He’s coming for you!â€? Soon after the door bursts open, and Jason appears, armed with a roaring chainsaw. The scene then cuts to my parents’ closet, and I am tied to a post. Jason then comes in and locks the door, though there is no lock. He then takes off the mask, and I see my own face staring back at me. Then he/I pick up the chainsaw and he/I saws my head off. I then wake up and open the door or sleep on my left side.

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