Glass City Shattered

Shanna looked up at the sky.

Today it swirled with blue/black clouds. A storm day, one where the city would hide from the coming winds, killer hail and tornados that had been known to rip the heart out of the city.

Shanna didn’t hide.

The Elders speak of a time, many hundreds of years ago, where the city was free. When people had wandered from place to place over fields greener and wider than the few scattered parks she’d seen.

In spite of all the warnings in the Holy Text, Shanna longed for those things.

That is why she sat here, huddled in a small sewer, far from the outskirts of town.

The secret to the great catastrophe that kept them imprisoned within this place lie within the Blessed Barrier.

Shanna knew that for sure, though she couldn’t say why. And today, a storm day, she felt would yield her first clues.

Then, beyond the barrier, she saw…

Clinging to a metal bracket in the sewer entrance wall, Shanna hung on, screaming, as a giant hand picked up her world—and shook it.

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