Uh Huh

“Oh, Hello.” I said and stood up. I brushed myself off and reached for his hand. “My name’s Maria Jacobi.” I told the man.
“Not for long.” Said John and he pinched my butt.
“Stop it.” I said and giggled. Now that I could see the man more clearly he had these beautiful brown eyes that sparkled. He looked about twenty-seven, which is my age. His hair was brown with little bits of blonde in it and was kinda curly.
“I’m Donny Kidman.” He smiled and shook my hand. I took the kitten from him. “Don’t let this little sucker get away from you again.” He laughed and smiled. “I own the pet store on Buckle Berry Lane if you ever need anything.” He began to walk away. I started stroking the cat.
“He seems nice.” I said.
“He only wants to get inside your pants.” John replied.
“John!” I yelled at him and smaked him lighty with my hand.
“What? I was just making a point.”
“Well I think he’s more than that.” I said without thinking.
“Remember Maria, your my girlfriend.”
“Right.” I said and began to stroke the cat.

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