Nightmare in France

I only have one view, and it’s far from interesting after more than a hundred years. I watched for centuries as little tourists in matching Hawaiian shirts climbed up the stairs, walked around, then came back out. I saw so many proposals I don’t know how people can still think it’s creative and romantic. I saw minor renovations to the balconies and far too many couples making out. I saw the tourist stands go up with cheesy souvenirs, then watched as they slowly went downhill until they closed, packed up their portable cardboard stand, and went somewhere else.

And now it’s gone.

I should have known it would be blown up. Science Students at the nearby college were always talking about bombs. And so, when a foreign country declared war on France, guess who was the first to go?

Oh, dear, look. Another bomb. Perhaps I’m more famous than I give myself credit for. Perhaps I’ll get a more interesting view this time…

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