Pretty Much Disaster

Jane began to walk over to us. “Hey.”She said and hugged my mother. “Look at you, ya lil cutie!”She half hugged me.
“Hi.” I said to her. I could feel my face burn.
“Well we better be off. Marcus grab Jane’s luggage.”
“Okay Ma.”I grabbed her luggage and we were off.

Jane was almost settled in and dinner was almost ready.”Marcus go get Jane for dinner.” My mother ordered me.
“Okay”I replied.
As I walked up the stair my hands were getting all sweaty and clammy. I knocked, waited, then stepped into her room. She wasn’t there but she had left a box of tampons on the bed. I went over to the box and opened it. I picked up a tampon. Just then I heard footsteps.
I turned around and there stood Jane at the doorway.
“Hey, what are ya doin’?”She asked.
“I-I uhh.”I held up the tampon and she burst out laughing.
“You promise never to touch one of my tampons again and I won’t tell your mother your interested in femine products.”
“Umm okay.”I said. “By t-the way dinner’s ready.”I ran out of her room into mine.

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