Second Time's the...In This Case, the Time You Possibly Get Eaten

“You are back. Most people don’t return,” the Smoke hissed.

“Yeah, I kinda figured.” You’re creepy enough the first time.

“And you were idiotic enought the first time I saw you, but I didn’t say anything, did I?”

Crap. I forgot about that mind thing.

“Quite evident. But you are right, most people don’t come back.”

“Do you eat them or something the second time? Not to offer suggestions, or anything.”

I heard the Smoke mutter under its breath. Or smoke. Or whatever air substance the Smoke breathes. “Like I said, idiot…” Then it spoke up. “You see, the reason most people don’t return is because I seep in through their every pore, every opening, rending them from the inside out. If they’re extra annoying, I might do much worse.”

I shuddered. Hopefully I didn’t fall into the “extra annoying” category. Or the first one, for that matter.

“You should hope not. Anyway, we did this rather informally last time. Let’s get this over with. Let’s see…your question?”

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