The Imps and the Portal

It looked like a perfectly ordinary flower-a little pink, not-quite-bloomed rose in the midst of a grassy field. But the imps knew better. That rose was the passageway to their homeland. Without it, they would surely die. Cut off from their leaders’ zalom (this word is highly untranslatable, but if forced, it is similar to imp-life or imp-food.). Without zalom (which rather looks like pollen) blowing out of the flower for the imps to eat, they would starve (for of course they are of another world, they cannot eat anything of this world save water from a fresh spring).
Then why, you may ask, were they all the way out here, in this harsh world with large ‘zooming’ machines and death every direction one looked?
The answer is simple: They had to save it.
Of course, why they had to save it is highly complicated, but it goes something like this…

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