Plan in Action (Almost)

Well, it’s been two days and no one has come up with a plan to expose Brixley for who she is. If we take much longer than this otherwise she might break up with one of them. All of the sudden my cell phone started beeping. This was the indication of a text message. I looked on the screen. Meet in the yard, we got a plan. Sweet! I ran over to the yard.

“Okay guys what’s the plan?” I asked as soon as I walked into the yard.
“Okay, first Ken will figure out when, where and what time Teddy’s next date is. Then someone has to forge a note or phone call by Brixley to rearange Ty’s date with Brixley. Then they will both meet at the same place and realize Brixley was cheating on the and break up with her.” Ken and Mitch explained together.
“Okay that’s a good one. We have to act fast.” I said. They nodded in agreement.
“Except one thing Linz.” Sammy said.
“You have to make the phone call to Ty from Brixley.”

I froze.

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