To Guard This Light From All Eclipse

The lantern room of the lighthouse loomed above her, the dying lamp still a beacon in the darkness. A peal of thunder reverberated through the metal structure, the boom multiplying tenfold as she started making her way up the spiraling stairway. The storm outside drove her on, urgency growing as a crack of lightning lit up the tower.

Outside the sea was black, turning to white only as each wave broke against the sharp cliffs. She saw none of it, gasping in unadulterated panic as the light sputtered and died, giving the illusion of being trapped inside an oubliette. Faster she ran, feet pounding against the metal grating, her breath coming harsher.

She paused for a moment as she reached a window. Desperately she searched for the shadow that she had seen earlier, the figure of a ship tossing amidst the waves. With the light gone, there was nothing to keep it from crashing into the jagged rocks that were perilous on the clearest of days. Sending up a prayer, she sprinted upwards.

The beacon must be lit.

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