A Fallen Teardrop (Sequel to Understand Me) JD Series

“Why are you crying?” she said.

“Because I’m hurt.” he said.

“Why drive across town for me knowing that we had a bad fight just a week ago.”

“Because I know you have forgiven me and love me fo who I am and what I’m becoming.”

I got up and sat in his lap. We look outside to hear the beautiful sound of a summer night.

“Dry your eyes. Let me understand your pain. Let me catch your fallen teardrops as they fall from your face. I want to understand you on a better level than I’ve been on. You want me to understand you but how. You only let me in after you were deeply wounded. And now you need me to nurse you back to health. How do I do that John? I dont know how? Noone has ever taught me to love besides sexual love?”

“Denise, what do you think I am? Do you think I’m just going to let you in. Let my wall of defense down for a woman who only uses me for sex. Denise! Its been a year and we are fine. We are truly understanding each other on new levels, why question it and just go with the flow?”

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