A Beach Meeting

As she breathed in the slightly sweet fragrance of the alabaster flowers, her mind returned to the last time she had stepped onto this very spot.
She stumbled upon him while following the scent of the beautiful flowers before her. She had bent down to closely inspect a particularly vivid petal when she saw him. Her breath caught in her throat. He was the perfect picture of solitude. As luck would have it, she had a pad and pencil in her bag. She sat where she was so as not to disturb him and began to sketch the scene.
He had been sitting, barefoot, in the sand, writing in a journal. His medium length blonde hair was blowing in the breeze. Occasionally, he gazed across the seemingly infinite expanse of water, thinking.
However, he must have felt her scrutinizing gaze upon him after awhile. By the time she noticed she had been seen, he was walking up the beach towards her.
She had intended to defend herself, but instead she could only stare into his deep, soulful sea-green eyes. He sat down beside her.

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