The Incredible Jack Brown 13

Then a young man squeezed through the crowd and stumbled in the door. Spouting to the people you need be on your way, go bout your business just like any other day.

Closing the door and turning around,
he said my name is Jack, “The Incredible Jack Brown”. Princess might I have the honor of showing you, your town? Sophia said I would be honored, and offered him her arm. It’s a great day, it’s not to warm, looks as if later we may have a storm.

They stepped out of the shop and started down the street.
Sophia stopped, so many buildings, and so many people.
A few doors down she could see a man sleeping outside the barbershop, she leaned in and whispered, who is that?
That’s old Mister Steep, he tends to the sheep, he spends most his time falling asleep. Sophia giggled.

They passed the dress shop, looking in the window,
she saw a girl about her age.
Oh that is Sarah, her mom owns this shop.
Sarah help’s out she sweeps, and she mops.
Come I will introduce you, her work never stops.

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