Winged Horse's 14

Sarah dropped her mop,and tried to curtsey,
stumbling alittle to one side.
No please, you do not have to do that for me.

Sophia took a deep breath.
Ah, smell that, that’s Misses Plum’s bakery,
she bake’s all the bread.
Make’s the best cakes, when people do wed.
Look over there, the boy in the square,
all day long he pulls the girl’s hair.
The other one’s Joey, and he doesn’t share.

At the end of the street was a large barn.
It was the blacksmith’s shop,
they shoe horse’s and make fine metal swords.
Jack’s father owned this shop.

Here, take my hand, and come with me,
there’s something that I would like you to see.
Jack took Sophia around back of the shop.

There was a pasture with maybe one hundred horses.
Off to the side grazing all alone, was one of the most beautiful winged horses she had ever seen.

Her white mane sparkled like glitter, in the bright sunlight.
Her eye’s were like stars that twinkled at night.
Sophia, gasp, she’s magnificent,she grasped her hands tight.

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