The Flight 15

Jack jumped the fence,and whistled. “Destiny” , the horse raised her head, and ran toward them.
In one swoop, the horse and Jack were up in the clouds,
and out of sight.
Sophia ran into the pasture to get a better look.
Behind her she heard a noise, it was the sound of fluttering wings.
Before she could turn around,
Jack reached out and grabbed her arm.
Now both in were in the air, on the beautiful winged horse.
Sophia let out a squeal in delight.
This is” remarkable”, I can see the whole village,
even the castle.
She reached out and touched the clouds.
After their flight, Sophia turned to Jack and said,
Thank You”, that was incredible,Jack Brown.

The day had turned to evening, and it was time for Sophia to return to the castle. She told her new friends, she would see them soon.
She climbed into the coach, she was happy to have made so many friends.
Meanwhile on the outside of town, wicked evil Pricilla was snooping around.She spied on the princess, my spell it did work.

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