Inside the Terrarium

In the days that followed, Nina explored what seemed to be a small island, covered in jungle, bounded on two sides by water and two by the terrarium’s great glass wall. She tried banging on the glass wall until her hand was sore, but nobody ever came to her aid. Alan just seemed to ignore her.

At least Nina could be thankful for her…lack of social life, if what she’d always heard about unicorns was true. The unicorns seemed to like her. They gathered around her, eager to rub against her and have the base of their horns scratched. They even opened coconuts for her with their powerful hooves.

Nina wasn’t sure why, but there was actually a sky, with sun and clouds. The weather was idyllic—but when the book on how to build a shelter fell out of midair, she had the feeling that might soon be changing.

“That bastard,” Nina muttered. “He’s watching to see what I do.” She looked at the book. “But if he wants me to make a shelter, he’ll probably make me need one.” She sighed and began to read.

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