Thank You

Thank you,
For being the best you can be
Thank you,
For not just walking away
Thank you,
For teaching me to love, love,
Thank you,
Thank you

I love you,
But you love me more,
You loved me,
Before I was born,
And I just wanted to thank you for, Helpin’ me to see-


I’m so glad that you taught me God’s Will.
And I’m so happy that your so good to me.
And I just wanted to thank you for,
Bein’ my family.

[Chorus] {Bridge:}
One, Two
I love you, too
Three, Four
For openin’ the door
Five, Six
For helping fix,
All my problems


I just wanted to thank you so I made this song.
I’ll add a few more thank you’s now.
Thanks for being there when I needed you,
And thank you for discipling me when I was wrong.
Thanks so much for loving me when I hated you,
So I dedicated this song to you.

[Chorus X2]

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