When Caretaker Ain't Happy, Ain't Nobody...Alive

Dr. Oblivion had never seen the Caretaker display any emotion, neither in his voice nor face (possibly for the lack of one). His eyes usually reflected his mood, however; blue for docile (a rare occasion); red for anger; and green for when he was extra devious. This time, though, the Caretaker’s eyes stared straight through Oblivion with a neverending blackness that he had never seen before.

It was outright fury. Oblivion crept to one corner of the room. He had seen the Caretaker mad before, and he never wanted to relive any of those times. This time, the Caretaker was livid.


Away on the other side of the island, Brass Eagle and the others looked up as a horrendous inhuman shriek echoed off the land. Windows in the tower burst apart, as if eager to escape from the Caretaker’s anger.

Brass Eagle looked back at his team. “We need to get out of here, fast. Here’s the plan…”

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